Kabo Dog Food Review

Kabo was founded in 2019 after pet parents Vino and VJ’s dog Kabo fell ill due to cancer. Like every dog parent, they began searching for answers, realizing that many of her health issues could’ve been mitigated through diet and exercise. Since then Kabo Dog Food was born and have made it a priority to [...]

Open Farm Gently Cooked Dog Food Review

Open Farm offers a range of product options from gently cooked, kibble, and freeze-dried. Founded in 2014, Open Farm is a relatively new pet food company that has carved out a space within the industry by focusing on ethically and humanely raised meats, transparency, and being environmentally conscious. Each ingredient can be traced from the [...]

Chi Dog Food Review

Chi Dog Food offers five different gently cooked diets for dogs based on Chinese Food Therapy techniques. Dr. Susan Bohrer (integrative veterinarian) and Dr. Berg (veterinarian) partnered to found Chi Dog in order to provide pet parents access to all the benefits of the nutritional therapy of Eastern Medicine. Each recipe is geared towards a [...]