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The Canine Health Nut was deigned to be a sounding board for pet parents looking to information about different aspects of canine health and nutrition. The internet is full of half-truths and myths, where one side completely ignores the other. This site isn’t that. As a registered veterinary technician I want to give you information about all the different options you have for your pet – from the conventional to the holistic – so that you can find the solution that fits your dog, and your situation the best.

I firmly believe that a well-informed pet owner can make the best decisions for their pet.

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What you need to know about Parvo in Dogs

Parvovirus in dogs is a serious disease that currently does not have a cure. Puppies who get parvovirus require 24/hr hospitalization and supportive care in order to survive. Early recognition and prevention are the best ways to prevent death due to this disease.

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