The Canine Health Nut

Hello – My name is Nikki – and I am the creator behind “The Canine Health Nut”. I created this brand to educate and inform pet parents about different aspects of canine health, nutrition and wellness so that their pups can live a longer and healthier lives!

By trade I am a Registered Veterinary Technician (veterinary nurse) located in sunny San Diego, California – where I live with my husband, twin toddlers, and two rescue pups – Ranger and Ash. I’ve been working with animals since 2008 and received my RVT in 2014. I have a passion for canine nutrition that has steamed from my own experiences both in the veterinary clinic and managing my pup’s medical conditions. I have personally seen the difference the right diet can do for a pup’s life, and how nutrition can be used to provide the basis for health for our dog’s.

I really appreciate you stopping by – feel free to reach out if you have any questions – I love hearing from those that support this site!

Featured In:

August 7th 2020: ATC Pet Talk – “Veterinary Medicine from the Perspective of a RVT

August 25th 2020: UPWARD Dogology, Podcast Guest: listen on apple or spotify – “Canine Nutrition Basics”

Coming Soon October 3rd 2020 : Petminded, Webinar Speaker – “The DCM Debate”