Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Are you looking to start cooking for your pup? Maybe you’d like to just make your pup a special meal for their birthday or a special occasion? Well here are some amazing complete and balanced recipes just for you. These recipes contain everything your pup needs – meeting both AAFCO and NRC minimum standards. As always make sure to speak to your veterinarian prior to switching your dog’s food to make sure that the food is appropriate for your pup’s lifestyle or nutritional needs.

If you are currently homecooking for your dog and want more information about homemade diets, or considerations when starting to DIY your dog’s food make sure to check out these post on the basics of homemade dog food.

How to Start Home Cooking for Your Dog

A beginners guide to home-cooked dog food: where to find complete and balanced dog food recipes, how to use a base mix to cook for your dog, and where to find a board-certified veterinary nutritionist to work with!

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Chicken and Pumpkin Dog Food Recipe

Treat your pup to a complete and balanced dog food recipe that is perfect for the fall – with chicken, pumpkin, mushrooms, and apples – it has all those flavors we LOVE for the season.

Balanced Chicken and Rice Dog Food Recipe

The age-old recommendation for dogs with tummy upset – chicken and rice. Recommending this combination for dogs with an upset stomach has gone back years – but the sad thing about the combination of chicken breast with white rice, is that though it is highly digestible, it is not balanced. In fact – by itself […]



Home Cooked Dog Food For Weight Loss

When creating a diet for a dog for weight loss additional considerations need to be made BECAUSE the diet will be intended to be given at a reduced amount of calories. What this means is that the diet must be nutrient-dense – providing the dog with all the essential protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals that […]



This recipe was so much fun to create – so thank you to everyone who voted on Instagram for the ingredients in this recipe! Overall this recipe is very high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates. The overall distribution of calories in this diet is very similar to the typical raw diet – […]

Low Carb Beef Recipe for Dogs

This recipe technically falls under what some would call a species appropriate diet due to it’s restricted carbohydrate composition, and its use of fruits/vegetables, rather than dense carbohydrates for their antioxidant and vitamins/minerals. I think of this recipe a bit differently… Though this recipe is restricted in carbohydrates – it is also high in protein […]

Homemade Dog Food Recipe: Beef and Rice

This beef and rice dog food recipe is a great option for active, high energy dogs – naturally a bit higher in fat – beef gives lots of great long-lasting energy to dogs who do hiking, running, and even agility. The rice within the recipe not only lends some wonderful vitamins and minerals but provides […]


Homemade Dog Food Recipe: Pork and Sweet Potato

This is an excellent recipe for those dogs who either have poultry allergies that are looking for a novel protein diet – or for those dogs with grain sensitivities where they need a grain-free diet. This diet is high protein, moderate in carbohydrates, and lower in fat – making it a good overall choice for […]


Pumpkin and Apple Dog Cake – flour free!

Have you ever heard of cloud bread? It’s basically a trick to make bread out of eggs, it’s used in a lot of Paleo recipes for people, but I thought it would work great for a recipe for a flour-free dog cake! So in a way – these muffins are just fluffy eggs with flavoring. […]

Homemade Joint Treats for Dogs

This natural homemade frozen joint treat is the perfect addition to any dog’s regular routine. You can keep in simple with whole food ingredients or add additional supplements to optimize your dog’s joint health.

Immune Boosting Frozen Dog Treats!

When we consider different foods as additions to or dog’s bowl it’s important to ask ourselves “what is the purpose of this food item”, and “why am I adding this into my dog’s diet”. The reason may be something as simple as for enjoyment, but other times we may add or choose particular foods because […]

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