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Free Dog Food Recipe ebook using BlanceIT with 15 recipes.

Did you know that research has shown that over 90% of dog food recipes that are found in books or online are not actually complete and balanced? Most recipe you will find online will be missing key nutritional information such as caloric density, macro nutrient breakdown, and will not include information about essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins or minerals.

Analysis of hundreds of homemade dog food recipes have found that a majority of recipes (over 60%) will have multiple deficiencies present. Most commonly in micronutrients such as Iron, Vitamin E, Zinc, Calcium, Copper, Choline, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Vitamin B 12.

In order to help pet parents feel confident feeding their dogs I have put together a FREE dog food recipe ebook using BalanceIT that contains 15 complete and balanced homemade dog food recipes for adult dogs. These recipes are all formulated to AAFCO and NRC nutrient standards for adult dogs – so you can feel confident knowing each recipe is complete & balanced.

Free Dog Food Recipe Ebook with 15 complete and balanced homemade dog food recipes for adult dogs.

Dog Food Recipes Included:

  • Chicken & Potatoes
  • Chicken & Quinoa
  • Chicken & Pumpkin
  • Beef & Rice
  • Beef & Potato
  • Beef & Salmon
  • Turkey & Rice
  • Turkey & Potato
  • Turkey & Salmon
  • Salmon, Cod & Rice
  • Salmon, Cod & Potato
  • Catfish, Sardines & Oats
  • Pork & Potato
  • Pork & Oats
  • Vegetarian – Egg and Tofu

Each Recipe with the Free Dog Food Recipe Ebook has:

  • A full macronutrient breakdown of protein, fat and carbohydrates
  • Caloric Information
  • Feeding Instructions
  • Cooking and Preparation Instructions

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Free Dog Food Recipe Ebook that includes 15 complete and balanced dog food recipes for adult dogs. Including Chicken and Potato, Chicken and Pumpkin, Beef and Rice, Beef and Potato, Beef and Salmon, Turkey and Rice, Turkey and Potato, Salmon and Rice, Salmon and Potato, Pork and Potato, and even a Vegetarian recipe!

About the Author: Nikki is a Registered Veterinary Technician (Veterinary Nurse) and Dog Mom with over a decade of experience with dogs and cats. Since graduation from college (BS Biology, Dip. Animal Nutrition, AS Animal Science) she has adopted two mixed breed dogs – Ranger and Ash, and has focused her time learning about pet food and nutrition.

Nikki shares information on a range of dog nutrition topics: from how to create a homemade complete and balanced dog food recipes, to how to choose a dog food. Nikki strives to give dog parents the information they need in order to make the best nutrition decisions for their pup!

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