Research in Canine Nutrition

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Is it bad for dogs to eat crickets?

There has been a huge push to create more sustainable options in pet food. From compostable poo bags, or biodegradable packaging – pet food companies have been looking for new ways to innovate and provide options for pet parents looking to reduce their impact on the environment. And one of those new innovations is using […]

DCM in Dogs – Is it diet or genetics?

Prior to the 2018 FDA report on DCM or Dilated Cardiomyopathy in dogs – DCM was largely considered a genetic disease associated with only a few breeds. However in 2016 cardiology specialists started to see an increased number of DCM cases that were not associated with the typical breeds… Along with higher numbers of affected dogs than before.

Why your Dog is Allergic to Everything

Have you ever tried food after food after food for your dog, to find that they just seem to be allergic to every protein source on the market? Well, there are a couple of reasons for that… One is that your dog actually doesn’t have a food allergy – it has an intolerance.  Two is […]

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