BalanceIT Alternative Supplements (Used with Recipe)

Probably the easiest way to homecook for your dog and make sure that the diet is complete and balanced is going to be using the BalanceIT supplement as directed in the individual recipe. BalanceIT is a human-grade supplement which has gone through third party testing for purity, and it is made in a human-grade facility. However, if for whatever reason (either shipping costs, or availability) you cannot use BalanceIT for your dog’s recipe. Here are the supplements that can be used in place of BalanceIT – individual amounts will vary from recipe to recipe, so make sure to read and follower the recipe as directed for your dog.

The following links are amazon affiliate links, if used I will receive a small commission upon sale at no additional cost to you.

GNC Iron Supplement (65mg of iron per tablet)

Centrum Chewables (400 IU Vit D per multivitamin/multimineral tablet, NO xylitol)

Generic calcium carbonate tablet (e.g., Tums with no xylitol; 500 mg elemental calcium per tablet; NO Vit D)

Freeda Calcium Phosphate Powder (dibasic calcium phosphate)

Generic choline tablet (250 mg choline per tablet)

Morton Lite Salt Mixture

Generic zinc gluconate tablet (30 mg of zinc per tablet)

Solgar Chelated Copper (2.5 mg copper per tablet)

Additional Supplements:

Below are the brands of supplements that I currently use or have used in the past for my dogs and ones that I recommend to friends, family members and clients. Some of these supplements may be used within the recipes on this site, but others may be added into my dog’s bowl for a particular reason. I do not use ANY of these supplements every day unless it is part of a complete and balanced recipe. Always speak to your veterinarian prior to adding supplements into your dog’s bowl.

The following links are amazon affiliate links, if used I will receive a small commission upon sale at no additional cost to you.

Over the Counter Supplements:

WALNUT OIL: I use walnut oil in my homemade recipes often because it is a great source of essential fatty acids – in particular linoleic acid and alpha-Linolenic acid. These fats are essential for your dog’s overall health supporting the heart, muscles, brain, organs, and skin.

NORDIC NATURALS OMEGA 3 PET: I use the Nordic naturals fish oil because it has an excellent EPA to DHA ratio perfect for balancing out the omega 6 essential fatty acids within homemade diets. I prefer this brand because they do third party testing and you can access the Certificate of Analysis on any of their products to check for purity.

PROBIABLE DC: Since my dog Ash has had gastrointestinal issues in the past I give him a Probiotic every month or so for a week. I like Proviable DC because they have 7 different research studies on their probiotic. I also like that it has multiple different strains of beneficial bacteria, and that the product is third party tested for purity.

BAKED BONES: Since my dog Ranger has arthritis due to hip dysplasia – I have been researching many different options for pain management, and I happened to stumble upon Baked Bones. Baked Bones is a full spectrum product containing both CBD and a small amount of THC. I use their oil 1 hour prior to a meal to help with Ranger’s pain each morning. I like this company because they have third-party testing and a Certificate of Analysis available on each batch.

Veterinary Grade Supplements:

Visbiome Probiotics – Clinical Trials on Diarrhea in Dogs

Applied Basic Science CBD + CBDA – Clinical Trials on Epilepsy

ElleVet CBD Mobility – Clinical Trials on Arthritis Pain Management


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