Homemade Dog Food Supplements

All home-cooked dog food recipes will need some type of supplementation – depending on the ingredients used in the recipe, you may need only a small amount of supplementation for things like iodine or calcium. But recipes using limited ingredients you may need supplementation with a full multivitamin, and/or additional individual vitamins/minerals.

Below are some of the supplements used in the homemade dog food recipes that I create. You can also find a short list of Homemade Dog Food Multivitamins that are specifically created to balance a DIY dog food recipe. But please – make sure you are using a recipe designed for whatever supplement you use, both excess and deficiencies in vitamins/minerals can cause long-term health issues.

The following links are amazon affiliate links, if used I will receive a small commission upon sale at no additional cost to you.

NOW Calcium Carbonate Powder

600mg per 1/2 tsp

NOW Kelp Powder

450 mcg iodine per scoop

Morton Lite Salt Solution

Source of Iodine

Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Pet

Source of EPA, DHA & Vitamin E

After opening this oil should be stored in your fridge for up to 30 days. For small-breed dogs, or those that require small amounts consider purchasing the encapsulated form or small-dog version with the dropper.

Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil*

Source of Vitamin A, EPA, DHA & Vitamin E

After opening this oil should be stored in your fridge for up to 30 days.

* Please do not use this oil unless the recipe SPECIFICALLY states COD LIVER

Walnut Oil

Source of linoleic acid

Home Cooked Dog Food Recipes with Minimal Supplements:

Balanced Chicken and Rice Dog Food Recipe

The age-old recommendation for dogs with tummy upset – chicken and rice. Recommending this combination for dogs with an upset stomach has gone back years – but the sad thing about the combination of chicken breast with white rice, is that though it is highly digestible, it is not balanced. In fact – by itself […]

Low Carb Beef Recipe for Dogs

This recipe technically falls under what some would call a species appropriate diet due to it’s restricted carbohydrate composition, and its use of fruits/vegetables, rather than dense carbohydrates for their antioxidant and vitamins/minerals. I think of this recipe a bit differently… Though this recipe is restricted in carbohydrates – it is also high in protein […]

Multivitamin Supplements:

For diets using limited ingredients or that do not contain organ meats, an all-in-one multivitamin is recommended. As part of the recipes that I personally create, I recommend the BalanceIT supplement. These supplements come in three main types of formulations for adult healthy dogs. The BalanceIT Canine, BalanceIT Canine Plus, and the BalanceIt Canine Carnivore Blend.

I have no affiliation and make no money off the purchase of the BalanceIT supplements, however I recommend them as an excellent option for simple homemade recipes. These supplements are third-party tested, human-grade and were developed by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist.

Good for adult dogs.

BalanceIT Plus

Can be re-heated once.
Good choice for picky adult dogs.

BalanceIT Carnivore Blend

For recipes that contain Meat & Fat only.

Simple Homemade Dog Food Recipes Using these Supplements:


This recipe was so much fun to create – so thank you to everyone who voted on Instagram for the ingredients in this recipe! Overall this recipe is very high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates. The overall distribution of calories in this diet is very similar to the typical raw diet – […]

Additional Supplements:

Below are the brands of supplements that I currently use or have used in the past for my dogs and ones that I recommend to friends, family members and clients. I do not use ANY of these supplements every day unless it is part of a complete and balanced recipe. Always speak to your veterinarian prior to adding supplements into your dog’s bowl.

The following links are amazon affiliate links, if used I will receive a small commission upon sale at no additional cost to you.

PROBIABLE DC: Since my dog Ash has had gastrointestinal issues in the past I give him a Probiotic every month or so for a week. I like Proviable DC because they have 7 different research studies on their probiotic. I also like that it has multiple different strains of beneficial bacteria and that the product is third party tested for purity.

BAKED BONES: Since my dog Ranger has arthritis due to hip dysplasia – I have been researching many different options for pain management, and I happened to stumble upon Baked Bones. Baked Bones is a full spectrum product containing both CBD and a small amount of THC. I use their oil 1 hour prior to a meal to help with Ranger’s pain each morning. I like this company because they have third-party testing and a Certificate of Analysis available on each batch.

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