Turkey and Quinoa Dog Food Recipe


This Turkey and Quinoa Dog Food Recipe was formulated to be complete and balanced for adult dogs. Using fresh whole food ingredients that most dogs tolerate well, and love. This high protein dog food recipe was created for active dogs. And due to it’s higher fat content can make a great choice for picky dogs as well.



Ingredients: Turkey Breast (or Fat Free Ground Turkey), 85% Lean Ground Turkey, Turkey Liver, Salmon, Oysters, Quinoa,

Supplements: Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Pet, NOW Calcium Carbonate, Morton Lite Salt Solution.

Composition on a Dry Matter Basis:

  • 48% Protein
  • 18% Fat
  • 33% Carbs
  • 4% Fiber

You can learn more about this recipe and why each ingredient was chosen here.


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