The base to all health for our dogs is good nutrition – and finding the appropriate diet for your pup is so important!

It can take a lot of work, and trial and error – so I completely understand wanting to stick with what is working. However realize that as our pet’s age, their lifestyle changes, or as they experience illness – we have to re-evaluate what we are feeding our pups. No dogs are the same – and thus one dog may thrive on a particular diet, and another will not – that doesn’t mean one diet is better than the other, just that it worked / didn’t work for that dog. I hope these articles help you sort through what food(s) would be best suited for your pup so they can optimize whatever stage of life they are in!

How to Choose a Dog Food

How to Choose a Dog Food

Choosing your dog’s food can be a very overwhelming process, and so many people seem to have opinions of what is best for your pup and your family. But truth is that the best food for one dog is NOT the best food for another, and no dog food is universally good for all dogs. There are SIX main considerations to keep in mind when choosing a food that is appropriate for your pet – Age, Lifestyle, Breed, Medical Conditions, Type of Food, and Budget. Depending on your pet or your situation one of these categories may play a bigger role than the others.

Transitioning to a New Food

How to Transition your Dog onto a New Food

Prior to transitioning your pup onto a new food there are two main things I want to you consider… The first is if the food your are transitioning your pup to is even appropriate for your pup – meaning is this food the best choice for my pup at this moment in their life. Now […]

Transitioning to Adult Dog Food

When to Transition your Puppy to Adult Dog Food

I think at some point in your puppy’s first year every puppy owner starts to wonder when they should transition to adult dog food, and some even wonder if they should transition their pup to adult food at all. And they answer is actually more complicated than you might think. First you need to understand […]

How to Get Your Picky Pup to Eat

How To Get your Picky Dog to Eat

There is an entire subset of dogs that are more picky – they may like food one day, but not the next. The typical picky dog may rotate through many different types of food or toppers in order to keep things interesting. Personally I have seen more picky Chihuahua’s, finicky Huskies, selective Shi Tzus, fussy Yorkies and choosy Doodles than any other breeds. However the truly picky dog can be rather rare – most picky pups actually have other reasons why they might not want to eat.

10 Reasons Why your picky dog isn't eating

10 Reasons Why your picky dog isn’t eating

There many reasons why a pup might not eat their dinner – and depending upon why your pup isn’t eating will tell you what you can do as a pet parent to combat the issue. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen well intentioned pet parents add more and more and more toppers, or […]

Essential Fatty Acids for Puppies

The Fats your Puppy Needs in their Diet

According to AAFCO (the Association of American Feed Control Officials), and the NRC (the National Research Council) there are four main “essential” fatty acids for dogs: Linoleic acid, alpha-Linolenic acid, arachidonic acid, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and Docosahexaenoic acid.

Chicken and Pumpkin Dog Food Recipe

Treat your pup to a complete and balanced dog food recipe that is perfect for the fall – with chicken, pumpkin, mushrooms, and apples – it has all those flavors we LOVE for the season.

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