Obesity and Weight Loss

Is my dog fat?

If you are asking this question about your own dog, know that you are not alone. The most recent data shows that a staggering 54% or about 36 million dogs are struggling with being either overweight or obese. Of that 36 million dogs, 33% of them are obese (body condition scores 8 or above on […]

Weight Loss Diets for Dogs

One of the parts of setting your dog up with a successful weight loss plan is by choosing an appropriate food or foods for your dog! But like most things – the fact that there is a lot of demand for products to help with weight loss, we see a lot of marketing that is […]

Home Cooked Dog Food For Weight Loss

When creating a diet for a dog for weight loss additional considerations need to be made BECAUSE the diet will be intended to be given at a reduced amount of calories. What this means is that the diet must be nutrient-dense – providing the dog with all the essential protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals that […]

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