Fresh Pet Vital: Gently Cooked Dog Food

Founded in 2006, freshpet is one of the largest gently cooked dog food brands on the market, with over 20 different recipes of different compositions, and with different ingredients - including novel proteins, and single-protein recipes. Freshpet can be found in most large retailers - from Walmart to Petco, even local grocers, making it the [...]

Senior Dog Nutritional Needs: Optimizing your Geriatric Dog’s Diet

When we think about senior dogs - I feel like most people think there is some type of “switch” that happens when their dog hits 7 years of age. Suddenly their active adult dog becomes a “SENIOR” and everything is different - perception of what is “normal” and “abnormal” starts to skew. A small limp [...]

All Provide: Gently Cooked Dog Food

All Provide lightly cooked dog food uses human-grade ingredients to create balanced diets for dogs without synthetic supplements or additives. All Provide dog food offers three different gently cooked diets for dogs – chicken, turkey, and beef. Each recipe contains a single protein, and all are formulated for “all life stages” meaning they are complete [...]

Home Cooked Dog Food For Weight Loss

When creating a diet for a dog for weight loss additional considerations need to be made BECAUSE the diet will be intended to be given at a reduced amount of calories. What this means is that the diet must be nutrient-dense - providing the dog with all the essential protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals that [...]